The Voltaire

The graceful elegance and simplicity from the Voltaire takes its cues from that transitional moment in the early 18th century when a new interest in comfort and a natural reaction against the formality of Louis IV Versailles caused decoration and furniture to become increasingly light and curvaceous.

About the Designer
Product data
  • Overall size
    62" (1577mm) W x 45 1/4" (1150mm) H
  • Opening
    46" (1169mm) W x 38" (965mm) H
  • Shelf
    62 1/4" (1581mm) L x 15 1/2" (393mm) D
  • Depth of jamb
    10 1/2" (268mm)
  • Height of footblock
    6" (152mm)


£6,250 exc VAT